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Digital Brain wishes to inform you each time it makes a purchase of new equipment. Moreover, it wishes to inform you about the new possibilities of creating various items and about the new products in our online shop – Digital GIFT.

Imprimanta Flatbed Roland VersaUV LEJ 640S
Roland VersaUV LEJ-640S
The latest equipment that we have acquired is the Roland VersaUV LEJ 640S flatbed printer. The S series VersaUV flatbed printers provide maximum versatility in UV printing that exceeds the conventional standards of colour and sub-layer printing.
The S series prints CMYK, plus white and glossy on any flexible or rigid sub-layer or objects of 200 mm in height and 100 kg/sqm, therefore, it can print directly on items that used to be considered too heavy or too thick. The maximum printing size of this printer is of 320x160 cm. In what concerns Roland S series, the only limit is your imagination.
The S series printers are ideal for the large scale production of customised products and corporate brand items that used to be printed on roller materials. We print more than simple colours to obtain high quality colour images, logos and many others. Moreover, we can print on less usual objects, such as leather, glass, PMMA, wood, parquet, wood panels, floor tiles, marble, metal, pieces of furniture, musical instruments, electrical objects, gadgets and many others.
DigitalGIFT - Online Shop
The launch of our online shop, DigitalGIFT, is aimed at sharing our products with random customers, while Digital Brain targets companies and advertising agencies. DigitalGift is an online shop that provides customers with a wide range of products, from clothing and houseware items to accessories for interior design, office design and cars. These products meet high quality standards and they are produced using state-of-the-art environmentally friendly technologies.
We can make your customised product exactly as you imagine it, at the highest standards of quality and reasonable prices.
Owing to the fact that we use various printing methods, we can print anything, from texts and logos to various types of graphic elements, illustrations and even photos.